000 Americans for for end-stage renal disease on dialysis.

Research from the National Institutes of Health finds in the United States Americans develop six times more likely than Caucasians of hypertensive kidney failure. – In addition, according to the National Kidney Foundation, chronic kidney disease and its complications are ‘too rarely diagnosed ‘and ‘under – treated ‘in the U.S., resulting in loss of opportunities for prevention. Current guidelines recommend the evaluation and treatment of bone disease in patients with early stages of kidney disease. ‘The New Drug Application represents Zemplar capsules in line with our commitment to five submissions in 2004 to continue and further presents Abbott robust pipeline for drug development, the potential for many critical health issues , including kidney disease, address cancer, has arthritis and HIV / AIDS, ‘said Jeffrey M.

Source: Phyllis Brown, University of California – Davis – Health SystemThe use of telemedicine can dramatically improve the quality of child care of sexual assault examinations in rural communities where rates of abuse and neglect highest are – a study was published in the January issue of the medical journal Pediatrics found – sometimes more than double the national rate.To New technology the nature modify diagnose women with breast cancer and handled and possibly lead to more focused therapies, and improve the the quality of life of cancer patients, said Dr.

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