1st responders use colored digital wristbands.

A GPS module, an RFID chip and a wireless network module that communicates with the crisis response control center. An unharmed or somewhat injured person will receive a wristband that includes only the Gps navigation and the network module. Victims severely hurt or in a critical state will get wristbands with additional sensors that continually catch essential data and transmit them to the control center. Each wristband also functions as a node in a radio network. Even if the regular mobile phone systems are down, our bodies is operational still. It creates an ad-hoc ZigBee network, a low-bandwidth wireless network that combines lengthy range and low energy consumption. The wristbands possess the necessary technology built-in.Taylor was the first ever to discover focal cortical dysplasia, among the many potential factors behind epilepsy. He was the first ever to investigate the effects of epilepsy surgery on patients, and among the first to recognize there exists a gender difference in how quickly the mind develops. Contained in his years of analysis is a project in which he personally conducted follow-up interviews of 100 post-surgical temporal lobe epilepsy individuals, usually in their homes, an extraordinary dedication to the advancement of understanding considered a tour-de-pressure unlikely ever to become repeated..

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