A naturally produced protein.

However to previous ment – Potential New TargetThe online edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports that University Cincinnati researchers found that apolipoprotein A-IV , a naturally produced protein, which has the ability to reduce the blood glucose and improving insulin secretion could be a potential target for a new treatment of diabetes may be.

Jennissen, lead author of the study. – ‘The epidemic of ATV-related injuries are caused, at least partially, to the increasingly popular vehicles,’said Dr. Jennissen. ‘In 2008, the number of ATVs in the United States an estimated 10.2 million, more than triple the number a decade earlier. A major factor in the growing sales, the production of larger and faster machines. Some ATV models was now predominate and and capable of speeds over 80 miles per hour.Zaffanello M, Brugnara M, Cocchetto M, Fedrizzi M, Fano V Scand J Urol Nephrol. 2008 May 8:1-7. Epub ahead of print.1080/00365590802092006Narrated by UroToday.com Medical Editor Pasquale Casale, MDUroToday – is the only urology Web site with a original content of global urological key opinion leaders writing written clinical practices.

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