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About CENiMED – CENiMED – Centre for Individualized Medicine – ? ? was as as a spin-off of the Charité University tsmedizin Berlin, Germany, with the intent to commercialize the results of medical research in the field of pharmacogenomics, it is a leading biomedical company in the field of pharmacogenomics services.

The certification applies to pharmakogenomic analysis for the in vitro determination of genotype and phenotype and gene expression analyzes. Volker Muschalek CEO CENiMED declares: ‘It makes CENiMED the first and only laboratory in Europe to recommend capable of pharmacogenomic data with regulatory authorities produce believed for years strong , the agencies , the delivery of pharmacogenomic. Pharmacogenomic data for the approval of new drugs that we are very happy that we are also gene expression analysis using Affymetrix technology as the only laboratory in Europe now.In the recent study, if babies had been undetectable levels of NNAL, wrote pike that family members smokers an average of 76 of cigarettes per week, in their house or Cars while the babies while the babies were present for case of children by smokers which babies had undetectable levels of NNAL in their urine the average number of of the cigarettes smoke of family members is reported with 27 weekly.

One study from 144 children who. In the May of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers releases & Prevention edition, found Hecht and colleagues undetectable levels of NNAL* subjected to urine from 47 % of babies environmental tobacco carcinogens from smoking cigarettes members of the family. NNAL is cancer-causing chemical the human body will be produced NNK NNK**, a carcinogenic tobacco specific chemical handled.

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