About Cotara is an experimental Cotara new treatment for brain tumors.

CED uses a catheter the blood – the blood – the specific target the specific target tumor site in the brain, to the tumor directing Cotara detail. This method of delivery has been shown that a greater to a 10,000-fold concentration in the local treatment exposure to conventional intravenous drug administration, while minimizing the undesirable exposure.. About Cotara is an experimental Cotara new treatment for brain tumors, which developed a radioactive substance for medical use, connects – a radioactive isotope – to a specific monoclonal antibody. This monoclonal antibody is designed to bind to a type of DNA that is exposed only on dead and dying cells. , including brain tumors, including brain tumors, have a significant number of dead and dying cells at their center, and Cotara targeting mechanism enables at home in this dying tumor cells, delivering its radioactive payload directly to these cells in the center of the tumor mass.

Writing in the December issue of the Journal of Medical Screening – of which he is the editor – Professor Wald questions the promotion, often by insurance companies, for screening tests that have no real benefit and may even be harmful. The culture needs to be changed, for example by the screening is subject to professional scientific judgment. ‘.The report tells that many public health Articles that duties and authorities of national health authorities not into decades, and the absence of specific power has been updated of the address current needs. Must ask public health laws of available health officials concerns concerns of View Authority like obesity and other chronic illnesses, violations, substance abuse, immunization register and surveillance systems that was in the detection outbreak or bioterrorist attacks..

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