After the thyroid patient advocate and author Mary Shomon

After the thyroid patient advocate and author Mary Shomon, many doctors simply do not patients patients about thyroid risks, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Says Shomon: It is alarming – millions of but they are thyroid disease, but they are not always properly diagnosed and treated, I do not know if the problem lack of knowledge lack of knowledge on the part of doctors, trying HMOs and insurance companies to trim to trim costs Ultimately, patients are pay the price. .

– When the sex drive suffers from a lack of thyroid hormone may be to blame and should be thoroughly examined. – Your thyroid can be fat! An incorrectly diagnosed or treated thyroid condition can sabotage even the best diet and exercise program. – High cholesterol – and cholesterol, drugs medication – could be due to an undiagnosed or poorly treated thyroid condition. – Some of the things we say are good for us – like fluoride and soy – are not good for thyroid healthFull information on the 10 facts, links to the campaign in 2008, information about last year campaigns the free downloadable ebook on thyroid disease, and web articles about thyroid problems all of the thyroid Awareness Month site on the net is. Since 1997, she Shomon is a nationally-known patient advocate and best-selling author of 10 books am health, including the New York Times bestseller and Quills Award semifinalist, ‘The Thyroid Diet overcoming Manage Your Metabolism for Lasting Weight Loss ‘and ‘The Thyroid Hormone Breakthrough: overcoming sexual and hormonal problems at any age, ”living Well with hypothyroidism: What Your Doctor will not tell you know that you need to, ”living Well with Graves’ Disease and hyperthyroidism, ”the Thyroid Guide to Hair Loss ”Living Well with autoimmune Diseases ‘and. ‘From the New York Times Company – Since 1997, she is as a guide to the Thyroid Disease site at on served.

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