All potential kidney donors undergo an evaluation.

In addition, black and Hispanic donors twice twice as likely be diagnosed as white donors with chronic kidney disease and are drug-treated diabetes. Relative patterns were similar to those in the general population.. All potential kidney donors undergo an evaluation, these results show excluding patients with medical abnormalities at the time of evaluation. After kidney donation, the researchers found that compared to white donors, black donors were 52 % more likely to be diagnosed with hypertension Hispanic donors also were 36 % more likely than white donors are diagnosed with hypertension.

While normal pre-donation medical evaluation increases the overall likelihood of long-term health of the donors, says Lentine , these screenings alone that eliminate the impact of epidemiologic risk factors for disease over time, such as age and race. ‘We do not propose any change to donor selection policy based on these data, ‘Lentine said. ‘However, these results show end-organ damage national policy for more donor follow-up to the current two-year mandate tracking counter so that we can capture and monitor the outcomes of donors from all socio-demographic groups. ‘.And ability Awards Drei Grants Developed to stimulating develop Pediatric Medical Instruments.

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