Amakem backs new Seat of Ophthalmology Translational Study at KU Leuven Amakem NV.

The Chair holder can use the gift to fund research or teaching. Amakem has initially focused on funding the Seat for three years. Dr. Jack Elands , CEO of Amakem, said: ‘It is with great pride that we make this announcement. We anticipate new insight being generated, particularly improved understanding of the causes and potential treatment of glaucoma.’ In healthy eyes, aqueous humor flows through the eye and exits, primarily via the trabecular meshwork, to maintain the correct intraocular pressure. In glaucoma, increased pressure qualified prospects to harm of the optic nerve leading to vision loss and ultimately blindness.There are many things that can be done . .

Can Small Soda Tax Nip Obesity? Fat Chance Small taxes about soda do small to reduce soda consumption or prevent childhood obesity, but bigger levies would probably, according to brand-new research. The study has been released as a recent wave of proposals would raise soda taxes or create new ones on sugared drinks. But they’ll have to be a whole lot steeper than current taxes, which are generally 4 % or much less, stated Roland Sturm, lead writer of the new research.

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