Animal and cell cultures confirm the anti-cancer effects of antioxidants.

Cancer and dietary antioxidantsEpidemiological studies show that a high intake of antioxidant-rich foods inversely related to cancer risk. Animal and cell cultures confirm the anti-cancer effects of antioxidants. Selenium and vitamin E reduces the risk of some cancers, such as prostate and colon cancer and carotenoids have been shown to reduce breast cancer risk. The human immune system by radiation and anticancer drugs reduced inherent antioxidants and induced oxidative stress, which increases with the progress of the disease. Although clinical studies on the effects of anti-oxidants in the modulation of the treatment of cancer in the number and size are limited, experimental studies have shown that anti-oxidant vitamins and some herbs selectively metastatic apoptosis in cancer cells but not in normal cells and prevent angiogenesis and spread what.

Antioxidant capacity. Key To Long Lifeincrease the body’s levels of natural antioxidants could be the key to a long life, according to U.S. Scientists.Mice developed produce a high level of antioxidant enzyme lived 20 percent longer and had less heart and other age-related diseases. If the same is true in humans, people could be over 100 years old. The University of Washington work supports the idea that highly reactive oxygen molecules called free radicals that cause aging. Free radicals have been implicated in heart disease, cancer and other age-related diseases.However physician will appear according to survey none of this patient experience the lack of consciousness could physicians attitude honored patient wants and enhance strategies for diversity in the workforce affecting, tell authors. About 80 % of emergency doctors the United States are white. M.enter. Whether you patient have better health outcomes need further study, authors saying. In the healthcare sector and in particular in the emergency, and patients matching has does not full be, yet consistent with our value system, Padela say. A better approach it to enhance cultural awareness and compassionate care be. .. Schwarz patients tend black suppliers higher quality and Hispanics were more satisfied with great care received from Hispanic Contributors also a high %age on Asians seek nursing care of suppliers of a similar background.

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