As in the overview article.

The company focused heat treatment, once commercialized, may be able breast cancer patients breast cancer patients to improve their chances of breast conserving surgery, thus. The need for mastectomy. Source: Medifocus.. Medifocus ‘ pivotal Phase III clinical trial is based on results of four were carried out in clinical trials at ten medical centers in the USA. The patient data for the design of the pivotal study summarized and published 22 online Summarized December 2009 in the journal Annals of Surgical Oncology by William C. As in the overview article, showed the clinical data when the Medifocus focused heat treatment standard of care received chemotherapy, the median tumor shrinkage in the thermo – chemotherapy arm 88, while for chemotherapy alone, the median tumor shrinkage was only 58, this increase in median tumor shrinkage was statistically significant with a p – value equal to 0, Moreover, the data showed that for the thermo – chemotherapy treatment arm, almost 80 percent of all breast tumors treated a tumor volume reduction of 80 percent or more had, compared to only 20 percent for chemotherapy alone.

The phase III study will evaluate the safety and improve the efficiency to judge as measured by increased tumor shrinkage, using the company own microwave heat energy in combination with neo-adjuvant concentrated chemotherapy compared to chemotherapy alone on large breast cancer tumors. A total of 238 patients in the pivotal study at six medical facilities are entered approved in the U.S. And Canada by the FDA. With the IRB approval, , the data showed the website, the process of recruitment and enrollment of patients by early 2011. The Company expects that IRB approvals for the other five sites will follow shortly and fully to initiate the process at all sites by mid – 2011 or earlier.In the year 1991, a group of researchers from the Canadian International Water and Energy Consultants hospital in Kathmandu which Recommended for travelers as the cost of vaccine is high, and she defines the likelihood on exposure to be small. However, investigators from the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute in Bangkok afterwards interviewed found one thousand eight hundred and eighty-two English Travellers downhill from the Air Terminal and Bangkok , 2 % was bitten by a dog and 8.7 % were lick by a dog during their stay. These scientists recommended Allen Press, are vaccinated against rabies routinely intramuscular injection.

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