BiondVax provides upgrade on financial outcomes for first quarter 2015 BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

In addition, the underwriter offers partially exercised their warrants to get an additional 128,000 ADSs; BiondVax launched a global investor relations program to be able to increase recognition amongst US and global traders; During the second one fourth, BiondVax expects to statement the outcomes of its BVX-006 trial; Dr. Ron Babecoff, CEO of BiondVax Commented: ‘We are thrilled with our fresh US listing which we believe provides new interest to your business and elevated tradability inside our shares. Today's option of specific-stress vaccines is quite inefficient and will have an especially low success price. The visit a general flu vaccine may be the ‘ultimate goal.’ Our option was developed by Weizmann Institute Professor Ruth Arnon, known for co-development of Copaxone also, and produced by BiondVax to its current advanced clinical stage further.This award will connect me to a network of established experts in analysis and evaluation related to health insurance and health care, while offering me with an opportunity to evaluate a program which has far-reaching implications for childhood weight problems. Case history Peter has all 3 of the major risk elements for type 2 diabetes: he’s over weight , he is aged 47 years and his mom and dad both have type 2 diabetes.7 mmol/L.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield utilize latest media tools to connect to its members Not only for teens – social networking and media tools such as Facebook anymore, Twitter and YouTube are being used by adults to connect to their friends, families and to gain information.

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