Breast cancer and pregnancyThe university in this field in this field.

Moreover, the survival rate for this disease is high, which is why young women treated for breast cancer can entertain the possibility of pregnancy. – The specialist at the University Hospital insisted that ‘the treatment of breast cancer in pregnant women and with very good results can be performed Experience shows that pregnancy does not worsen the prognosis of breast cancer In addition, surgery and with quimiotherapy. For this disease is not increased the risk of congenital anomalies, always taking into account the gestational age and an application of the most suitable treatment for each case. ‘.. Breast cancer and pregnancyThe university in this field in this field, in fact, one of the biggest in Europe. It is estimated that about 13 percent of breast cancers in women of childbearing age is shown.

Teitell said. Teitell is the recipient of a Scholar Award from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – a program that funding for high-quality research that will have demonstrated over a period of not less than five years of his or her ability for original research on leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma is. – Have the goal of the Scholar program help advance promising original research with the potential to do so, the greatest impact on blood cancer, said Deborah Banker, the Company’s Vice President of Research Communications.Precision indoor location technology was designed to help you find firefighters, police and orderly quickly and save fellow lost, disabled and trapped inside the buildings. A 2008 report U.S. Fire Administration identify stress and over – fatigue and becoming lost or disoriented. Inside buildings a two of three leading causes on fire fighter fatalities.

Disabled workshops to technology to secure First Response within buildings presentations.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute , a leader at developing technology for accurate location, tracking and monitoring of the first responders inside of buildings, that fifth anual workshop Precision Indoor to host Personnel Location and Tracking Technology to Emergency Responders in the WPI CampusCenter August 2-3, the single national forum in this emerging field of workshop bringing some 130 leading academics from industry, academia and administration, members of First Responders joint and representative out of federal, state and local governments to explore to state of the field and future technological challenges facing..

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