But in babies who die from SIDS.

The current study confirms these findings in a third population and, for the first time, pinpoints several defects in the serotonin system that is not in serotonin receptors 5HT1A 5HT1A called) deficiencies in a particular type of serotonin receptor , an abnormally high number of serotonergic neurons, a preponderance of immature serotonergic neurons, and evidence of adequate amounts of serotonin transporter protein, which ‘recycles ‘serotonin so that nerve cells can reuse it.. But in babies who die from SIDS, defects in the serotonin system may impair these reflexes, the researchers believe.Kinney previously documented serotonin receptor abnormalities in two other populations of SIDS infants, including American Indian infants in the Northern Plains, the SIDS rate ranks the highest in the world.

We think In 1869, for vital or homeostatic functions reach full maturity until the end of the first year of life, Kinney says. – Remember The researchers found that despite the national Back to campaign urges caregivers to babies to bed on their backs sleep, 65 % of the SIDS infants were found in this study, sleeping on the stomach or side.

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