But not everyone s reactions decrease with time after 14 months remains that about 30 %.

But not everyone ‘s reactions decrease with time after 14 months remains that about 30 %, which should in the disaster zone psychological symptoms, including post-traumatic reactions, mood swings. And to experience sleep disturbances. Most unexpected was that 20 % of those who were still unwell not directly exposed to the wave, seriously injured or lost a loved one. Disasters, but also had experienced the situation as life threatening. – It seems that the very experience of threat to life leaves traces, says Dr. Wahlstr m? Sources: Karolinska Institutet, AlphaGalileo Foundation.

Help Dr. Khan is the developer of bio.DIASPORA that enables the study of global air traffic patterns and applies this knowledge to the world’s cities and countries,. To and and respond to emerging infectious disease threats Brownstein is a co-founder of HealthMap, an online global disease – tracking and mapping tool, the sources of information used in the Internet on infectious disease outbreaks around the world recognize.‘For too long, the social care system has been chronically underfinanced, such that disabled and the elderly and their family an outdated nursing systems which is not suited for its intended purpose.

– recognizing the contribution of the families who cultivation – often at significant costs your own jobs, health, income and well-being.

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