But not we the people.

Per prison documentation, CMUs are self-contained casing systems for prisoners who require increased monitoring of communication in order to protect the general public. Current prisoners had been transferred from minimal security prisons to CMUs with no warning or due process. The CMUs limit phone calls, visiting time, and mail much more than even optimum security prisons. Everything is monitored closely. Another Prison Bureau mission statement for CMUs can be to keep people with inspirational significance from interacting with their organizations or anyone in the mass media and public.‘If validated in long term studies, these findings add to the body of proof that suggest certain patients with colorectal cancer may greatly enhance their probability of survival with an aspirin regimen,’ he told UAB News. However, he added the findings may not be generalized for some populations. He pointed out in his commentary that both large participant pools were predominantly white, but black individuals have the best rates of colorectal cancer in the country. ‘Therefore, it will be important to determine whether the findings reported.

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