Campaign season heats up.

.. – Campaign season heats up, candidates AOTA Grip & Grin advises As election day approaches, candidates for elective office in the United States shaking millions of hands and votes votes. Unfortunately, anything to shake the hand pain and stiffness in the hands, neck and back. Help the candidates to take care of themselves is: The American Occupational Therapy Association has developed a brochure entitled Surviving Handshaking On the Campaign Trail Grip and Grin . This problem affects candidates on the left, right and center, said AOTA President M.

The Grip and Grin brochure describes several steps to improve a candidate’s handshake also: – Initiate the handshake for a solid lock on the other person ‘s hand, – Shake off the arm, evenly.e wrist, – break the handshake quickly and move onto the next, – Place the left hand on the back of the other person’s hand, to distribute the pressure evenly.Notes Moscovis SM et al, IL-6 G – 174C In sudden infant death syndrome in Caucasian Australian cohort of Human Immunology 67, 819-825 (also Refer.

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