Chronic health issues?

William Davis, and Dr. David Perlmutter are all in contract. Grain is killing us. Of course, just like Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who recommended the links between childhood vaccines and autism first, these doctors are becoming tried in the court of open public opinion, via insulting content, quotes taken out of context, and advertisement hominem attacks. This won’t make what they’re saying any less relevant. Going completely against the indoctrination of the AMA and searching for answers that don’t include Big Pharma prescriptions should in fact be applauded.The BD Veritor Program, with proprietary systems, eliminates the subjective result interpretation of read assays and helps deliver a precise visually read by giving reliable, objective outcomes on a handheld reader with an easy-to-read digital screen. The operational system utilizes Advanced Particle and Adaptive Read Systems in conjunction with a special hand-held analyzer. The Advanced Particle Technology along with improved chemistries helps enhance the sensitivity of the test while the Adaptive Read Technology helps decrease false-positive results by examining and compensating for many of the effects of nonspecific binding which improves specificity.

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