Dendrimers are tree-like.

As a whole, activated microglia seemed degenerating retina to the dendrimer and that eating selectively. For at least one month The drug from the dendrimer in a sustained manner is released in the interior of the cells and provides targeted neuroprotection to the retina, ‘said Kannan. Treatment reduced neuroinflammation in the rat model and protected vision prevented by injuries photoreceptors in the retina, although the steroid provides only temporary protection the treatment as a whole, lasting relief from neuroinflammation, the study found. Researchers believe that this patent-pending technology with significant translational potential further will be advanced by this multi – university collaboration between Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic and Wayne State..

Showed that onetment for macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa uses nanoparticles to Deliver Steroids To Retinaprovides Hitching a ride into the retina on nanoparticles known as dendrimers a new way to treat age-related macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. A joint study by researchers at Wayne State University, the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins Medicine shows that steroids to dendrimers causing the damage cells associated with neuroinflammation targeted, so that the rest of the eye unaffected and preserving vision.In this study, one hundred and eighteen PET / CT scanning patients was series observed However the team subdivided six phases, permitting a more detailed analysis of technical personnel dose of and exposure. These were compared with well-calibrated e personal dosimeter .

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