Despite their regular appearance.

Aronia berries: North American fruits bursting with antioxidants Aronia is usually a North American shrub that bears fruits which resemble dark purple-shaded cranberries. Despite their regular appearance, however, these fruits – which are generally known as aronia chokeberries or berries – boast an unusually impressive nutritional profile. Indeed, a year or two ago, many mainstream papers – notably the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail – ran tales declaring that aronia berries had been the healthiest fruits in the globe super power more info . While these claims are debatable, research has shown that the regular usage of aronia berries in preserved, juiced or dried form provides us with numerous health benefits.

Army Announces Steps TO BOOST Vets’ Care The Army said Wednesday it’ll hire case managers and boost oversight at army facilities after a new internal review concluded poor outpatient care extended beyond Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Gen. Richard Cody, the Army’s vice chief of staff, said officials were finalizing a written report on complications after a group of Army inspectors visited 11 bases in seven states last month to review outpatient treatment, building circumstances and the information provided to patients. The investigation found staffing shortages, extreme paperwork and poor training that created too much bureaucracy and lengthy waits for hurt soldiers, especially at Fort Stewart in Fort and Georgia Hood and Fort Bliss in Texas.

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