During the pilot program.

During the pilot program, we saw first-hand the pronounced and often neglected need, this type of government programs understandable and accessible for those who are significant income or language barriers We are grateful for the support of the Amgen Foundation. And are very excited to continue to motion innovative Part D initiatives beyond the classroom and into communities and pharmacies nationwide, Marilyn Stebbins, clinical professor the UCSF the UCSF Department of Clinical Pharmacy and co-principal investigator of the new program with Lipton.

‘D D represents the essence of what our foundation stands for: advancing education, improving quality of care and access for patients and creating sound communities, ‘said Jean Lim, president of the Amgen Foundation. ‘We support this program, the state of California will take much advantage of a diverse student body and encourages a spirit of cooperation ‘.Among these key figures about will discussion of large and medium size pharmaceutical European and of debating such as in the pharmaceutical in the pharmaceutical – and well as to figure out what did worked together and what did not in the past. Among other Bel north Garijo, Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical Operations Canada and Europe, sanofi-aventis;? Otto black, Junior Vice President for Commercial, Actelion is, Marc de Garidel, Head of Operations, Southern Europe, Amgen and Alexander Moreau, Global Franchise Director will be, sanofi-aventis talk about what they have done, and to do her their company from sale of Lot for a price the real value and which to challenges in implementing are planning move in this manner..

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