European researchers are using chemical brokers extracted from a type of Caribbean ocean squirt.

Yondelis may be tested against other tumour types such as breast cancer also, which kills 130 000 EU residents a full year, and with other remedies. For more info please see also:.. Chemical agents extracted from Caribbean sea squirt might help find cancer treatments for certain deadly tumours European Union funding is helping to find cancer treatments for several deadly tumours using small marine animals. European researchers are using chemical brokers extracted from a type of Caribbean ocean squirt, called Ecteinascidia turbinata, to take care of some tumours. The breakthrough findings will end up being published in the Marine Drugs journal soon. The task, involving Dutch, Spanish and French participants, aims to check the chemicals in dealing with sarcomas, a rare tumour that kills about 3,900 Europeans a complete year.Establishing meaningful metrics is crucial for nonprofits to improve their effect on the lives of those they serve and demonstrate results to funders, stated Colin Boyle, deputy director of University of California, San Francisco Global Health Solutions and the Haas faculty member who will be teaching this course. The partnership was formed based on the results of a survey of cancer nonprofit organizations executed by Amgen in 2013. The study discovered that creating robust metrics can be a challenge in the social impact field, even as foundations, non-profits, social enterprises and companies seek to develop stronger and more significant measures of efficiency. This partnership, like various other experiential learning opportunities at UC Berkeley, provides our students a chance to develop and implement solutions in real life, said Nora Silver, faculty director for the guts for Social Sector Leadership .

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