Focused on the future of health and medicine more.

About Interleukin GeneticsInterleukin Genetics is a genetics – focused personalized medicine company that preventive consumer protection products and genetic tests for sale is becoming a new personalized health market. Focused on the future of health and medicine, Interleukin uses its leading genetics research and to develop to test innovative to test innovative preventive and therapeutic products. IL located in Waltham, MA headquarters more more info . For more information about Interleukin and its products and ongoing programs, please visit.

Key findings from the report include:. – policy, both at state and national level will have a significant effect on the PPO industry in 2008. The presidential election will shine further light on national health policy, while increased activity in state legislatures the health care reform, the industry more more politically active, especially in view of the AMA model act reform PPO contracting.

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