For this analysis.

For this analysis, the team gathered REGARDS data on nearly 24,000 participants in the study history history of cognitive impairment or stroke, and without signs of a stroke during the study. At the beginning, the researchers assessed each person stroke risk with the Framingham Stroke Risk Profile, which includes risk factors such as age, hypertension, diabetes and heart problems. In addition, cognitive health assessment with a six-point screening test that required participants to the year, 4o enter the month and day , and remember three items from a list after a short delay. Annually annually and the average follow-up was 4.

Had* Consistent with previous report of greetings demographic risk factors for stroke are also risk factors for cognitive decline. Males had African-Americans of both sexes, and the residents of the Stroke Belt have a higher risk for cognitive decline. Education was also a factor, with the risk of cognitive decline increased formation decreases.– The fewer changes the immigrants incorporates into his nutrition, the less is the BMI. – The results of who implications on particular informing migrants both for and against the selecting products in supermarkets, lower-skilled may not be intimately connected with Akresh said.

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