In a recent study.

In a recent study, measured UCLA researchers, the effect of hepatitis B in patients ‘quality of life more than the physical symptoms of the disease , and a new tool to help better assess patients’ overall well-being, the clinician guide to treatment. The study appears in the July issue of the journal Hepatology. Our results show that to effectively treat hepatitis B patients, clinicians need to consider the social and psychological impact of the disease, as well as biological function, said Dr. Brennan MR Spiegel, Principal investigator and assistant professor of medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and the Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System.

‘LeAnn Benn – national director of Teen-Aid, which supports abstinence only education – presented the study because they said teenagers who received abstinence-only education or receive other messages that teen sex is it they Safer Sex.. According to the Times, the study – is the first national comparison of the effectiveness of comprehensive comparison of abstinence only education. Conducted by Pamela Kohler and colleagues of the University of Washington Kohler and colleagues analyzed the records of 1,719 heterosexual teenagers who completed the survey Sixty – seven % of teens finished comprehensive sexuality education classes received 24 percent abstinence only education , and 9 percent.Which print version of the American Medical News has move twice a month publishing time schedule and will remain low in matter and provide practical tips to physician reader. The entire content of the print version is still be presented, which and offers reporting and be presenting fresh everyday all year round through. – ‘American Medical News ‘comfortable and accessible able downloading online news and Inventory Resources to help practitioners a better with its day-to – day needs, ‘said the AMA Board of Management Chair Joseph M. Can depend on News offer improved access to a rich Archives about practical suggestions about running a modern medical practice.

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