In comparison to standard therapy.

Study resultsthe one-year ACUITY analysis showed that the treatment in the bivalirudin alone group resulted in comparable clinical outcomes. In comparison to standard therapy, particularly in patients in the bivalirudin alone group that bivalirudin plus GPI group and the heparin plus GPI group treated:.

To This is important data and will continue to support physicians in a position to make informed treatment decisions and tailored therapy for the benefit of their patients do / protect their patients from bleeding, said Dick S? derberg, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Nycomed.. – Composite ischemia events in 16.5 percent and 16, 3 percent of patients. Composite ischemia was defined as death, myocardial infarction, or unplanned revascularization for ischemia. We have known for some time that the bleeding is an important prognostic factor for patient outcomes, including survival, together with the data from the PCI REPLACE – 2 study in low and medium-risk patients, the ACUITY year to an. Data at medium and high risk ACS patients shows again that bivalirudin protection from ischemic events while significantly reducing offers bleeding.USA Today: Everyone needs the flu vaccine One of the best presents that while your family and Buddies may giving the holiday season being ever your flu shot. Die each year from influenza thousands of Americans and sent about 200,000 view more to the hospital. First injection is a safe and effective way to keep yourself healthy. This year for the first time are the nation’s top grippe scientists stated that each American months ago months and older receive a flu vaccine .

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