In February aims to spread awareness of women and cardiovascular disease American Heart Month.

The Colorado Springs, Colo., gynecologist today uses the VAP Test to more accurately assess heart disease risk and to evaluate individuals for polycystic ovarian syndrome , diabetes and infertility. Foley described that the VAP Test is important in the analysis of PCOS because, as an expanded cholesterol test, it measures a variety of cholesterol subclasses not measured by the program cholesterol test. The VAP Test reviews 22 separate the different parts of blood compared to just four in the standard cholesterol test at no additional expense. This advanced lipid panel will not need fasting and carries a measurement of the patient’s Lp, a significant risk factor very much discussed in latest publications, as part of its regular panel.(.

Americans who also ditch overpriced prescriptions save time, money, and health Many Us citizens are now looking outside the USA for cheaper prescription medications. The pharmaceutical market estimates the price of creating a new drug is at least 800 million dollars. This can help explain the high price that is passed on to consumers, but does medicine need to be this costly? Based on the National Consumers League, consumers are paying an excessive amount of for prescription medication. It has led many to cross the border and begin buying their prescriptions at half the price in areas like Canada.

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