In one study.

In one study, the issue in the May issue of the Journal of Health Care for the poor and underserved, the researchers write that this distrust likely played a role in response to resident evacuation warnings and advice. – The statements of distrust were not asked – they were all spontaneous statements, lead researcher Dr. Kristina Cordasco, a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar the Department of Medicine the Department of Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. As we prepare for future disasters, I believe we must make up for this distrust in the shaping of public health message. .

The suspicion was not only leaders from, but extended to help people in the evacuation. Sun claimed a person rescuers her family ignored the asking for help, and instead the helicopters were going back and forth to people from the wealthier districts. – Another evacuee said the levee was deliberately broken so they can flood the black neighborhoods, because every time they have a hurricane, it always this way you know? .Kathy of California questioned: If you are exposed , and a full course of Tamiflu , you are it immune? Or you can get infects again?

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