In order to better understand the infection Ana Camejo.

In order to better understand the infection Ana Camejo, brain, andbanes and colleagues from the Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology, Porto University of, Portugal and the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France has use of a powerful approach called DNA array which can track gene expression by detecting RNA molecules generated at a specific time. In fact, during the process of gene expression, the information RNA molecules DNA into RNA molecules , which are then read by the machine body corresponding proteins. To produce the corresponding proteins. DNA arrays of spots are plates with attached DNA fragments and bind its corresponding RNA and detected by detecting the RNA in a cell, they present to effectively identify the genes that are active at any given time..

Camejo and colleagues also found that this infection-linked a complex network of controlled by a complex network of two large knobs coordinates than PrfA and SigB.Unfortunately, adults from hearing loss developed develop dementia, and its risk increase with loss of hearing becomes more difficult, submitted a report to the February issue which Archives of Neurology, one of the JAMA hearing loss the development out of dementia / Archives journals.

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