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The suicide rate for all women prisoners in the general population female population the same age was 20, in other words, female prisoners of all ages about 20 times more likely to themselves to kill other women. This trend has increased steadily in the past 25 years.

When the researchers examined the suicide rates by age group, Dr. That suicide was much more common in younger than older inmates. Female prisoners under the age of 25 had. An SMR for suicide of 40 compared to 20 for prisoners aged 25 years This suggests that younger women prisoners are a particularly high risk group for suicide.On behalf of the FIP and the international joint chemist idea and condolences to proceed the family and friends of Professor Jacobus Polderman.

Professor Polderman be keep of all for lifetime of commitment to the pharmaceutical science in remembrance, and in particular by FIP for his part in the foundations of the huge success of the scientific arm of Federation.

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