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Anti-Vitamin C Study Seriously Flawed and Misleading A recently available study published in Cancer Research warned that high doses of vitamin C can harm cancer sufferers by making chemotherapy medications ineffective . But now a comprehensive report in the current problem of the journal Alternate and Complementary Therapies clarifies that the anti-vitamin C study had not been only flawed but didn’t actually use a form of vitamin C used in humans. In today’s Complementary and Alternative Therapies Medical Journal Watch column, nutrition professional Jack Challem provides dissected, step by step, the inaccuracies in the Cancer Research research which concluded supplement C given to mice or cultured cells treated with common anti-cancer chemotherapy brokers hampered those medicines’ anti-tumor results.

SOURCE Regional Hospital Associations; Anthem Blue Cross.. Anthem Blue California and Cross Regional Medical center Associations interact patient safety collaborative Anthem Blue Cross, along with California’s three regional Hospital Associations, and the National Health Foundation, today they are signing up for together in a three-year announced, 6 million dollar effort to boost the quality and consistency of care Californians receive. The Ronald Reagan UCLA INFIRMARY hosted the release of Patient HEALTH AND SAFETY FIRST. A California Partnership for Wellness, a unique relationship that may save lives, enhance the quality of medical care and reduce healthcare costs to make healthcare more affordable for the people of California.

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