Injured youth during the treatment in the hospital recruits fda website.

Injured youth during the treatment in the hospital recruits; uninjured controls of households in Philadelphia recruited using random digit dialing. Laptop – based mobile mapping technology is used to interview each youth and construct a graphic, minute by minute record, spent where and with whom young people time or moved about the 24-hour period up to their injuries. Every youth reported their activities, including the use of alcohol and weapons at any point in the same day fda website . Properties of roads, buildings , and neighborhood populations are then combined at any point in their daily work. ‘The ultimate goal is to to inform communities place-based risk factors and identify ways to communities safer,’says Wiebe. ‘Simply put, where youth go throughout their day influences the opportunities they have to get hurt. The goal is to to identify high risk locations. ‘The hope is that this type of information to better design and can be used to revitalize urban environments for safety.

Violent injury, the second leading cause of death among U.S. Youth seems the result of a web of factors including alcohol, weapons and dangerous urban environments. Using new techniques, a team led by Dr. Wiebe is examine how the nature and whereabouts of daily activities related to the likelihood of violent injury among youth.

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