It is also a color pigment that gives many berries and fruits a blue.

Anthocyanin-rich foods you have to be eating Anthocyanin is usually a plant compound that acts as a highly effective antioxidant within the human body. It is also a color pigment that gives many berries and fruits a blue, red or dark purple hue and is situated in a wide assortment of healthy foods . Several foods which contain anthocyanins are listed below. EggplantThe eggplant has been regarded as known as ‘brain food,’ and anthocyanin plays a part in this actually, because the compound helps protect the body fat within brain cell membranes. Black currantBlack currant has often been cited as the dietary supplement of choice for anthocyanins in various research.

Anti-GMO ‘Santo’ movie appears to have been the victim of an elaborate disinfo campaign involving social media operatives A Natural News flash investigation has been conducted into the anti-Monsanto film named Santo, which includes garnered a massive amount of attention in the last few weeks. You may be conscious that the movie and the filmmaker have already been under fire for the past fourteen days, with accusations flying around social press that the film was a bogus task run by a non-existent person. The Twitterverse and FB possess exploded with these accusations, and there’s been substantial debate within the motion over this film. Also here at Natural News, we inadvertently contributed to the suspicion with a couple of paragraphs I wrote in a story about false gurus.

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