MEDA AB is a leading global specialty pharmaceutical company.

MEDA AB is a leading global specialty pharmaceutical company. The company specializes in marketing and pharmaceutical development in late clinical stage. Acquisitions and long-term partnerships drive the company’s strategy. Meda is represented by its own organizations in 40 countries. Meda in 120 countries worldwide in 120 countries worldwide. The Meda share is listed under Large Cap on the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Stock Exchange in Stockholm. Learn more.

Last Friday informed FDA review department Meda and BDSI that it reached agreement with the REMS for Onsolis, but that the FDA requires additional time to complete the last high-level unsubscribe. Meda expects Onsolis could be approved by the FDA in the summer, resulting in a fourth quarter 2009 launch to enable, as previously thought.By a bacteria by a bacterium occurred in wild animals in particular rodents and rabbits. Human can infects due to bites from infected animals or infected insects, handling of carcasses, eating contaminated food or, in rare cases, breathing the bacterium. It is no transfer from human to human.

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