More than 120 pilot project grants awarded facts.

In 1993 GRF launched its Pilot Project Grants program provides annual scholarships novel or promising ideas to explore in the study of glaucoma. In total, more than 120 pilot project grants awarded, more than 100 peer-reviewed papers published in scientific journals produced facts . – durable with the adoption of Dr. Robert Shaffer and the desire to give effect to its founding spirit to serve glaucoma renamed the GRF Board of Directors of the pilot project grants ‘The Shaffer Fund for Innovative Glaucoma Research. ‘First recipient of the new Shaffer Grants are:.

– Yutao Liu, Duke University Medical Center, NC – examination of gene copy number variants in primary open angle glaucoma. The Shaffer Prize for innovative computer sciencethe memory of Dr. Shaffer by the creation by the creation of The Shaffer prize for Innovative Science which are selected annually by the GRF Scientific Advisory Committee .


UNICEF Executive Director Ann. Veneman, concluding a 3 – day visit to Mozambique announced that $ 3 million in additional support to UNICEF diet regimens in the country. ‘An estimated 41 per cent of children in Mozambique suffer from from chronic malnutrition,’said Veneman. ‘Those resources help children and their from at high nutritional threatened. ‘.

Veneman visited Sofala Hotels, a provincial with one of the highest HIV prevalence in state. Where she attended a shared obstetric plant and programs to vulnerable children due to AIDS.

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