No evidence has been found the rapidly changing dealing with pork contracting swine flu.

To date, no evidence has been found the rapidly changing dealing with pork contracting swine flu.Twenty-six schools in New York City and many others closed across the country as a fear of swine flu spreads a month after his first appearance.

For answers to frequently asked questions and information about the latest developments, visit ABC News ‘ On Call Swine Flu Center.The World Health Organization declared swine flu a pandemic and raises the alarm on level 6 It is the first official influenza pandemic in more than 40 years.The number of confirmed swine flu cases more than 10 Cases have died in 40 countries and 80 people.An article in Science on genetic research about swine flu could spread as published undetected in pigs for years concentrated.Timeline: The spread of swine flu virus? Thursday, June 2009 Who Beloved 6CDC reminds Americans not to travel during the Memorial Day weekend, when they are ill.New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg says the flu at Rikers Iceland prison complex distribution..Duke University Medical Center researchers have found a gene for a form of chronic kidney disease. The disease called familial focal segmental glomerulosclerosis , can finish regards affects 20 % of patients on dialysis. The finding could lead to more effective treatments to the researchers.

By the study genetic a large, multi – generation family with one dominant form of to the FSGS, the researchers linked a mutated form of the gene , called Transient Receptor Potential Cation Channel 6 of the disease. What is more, because the gene distinguished to feature on which previously engaged at FSGS, the finding represent a novel mechanism for of kidney damage, said Michelle Winn, the kidney specialist in and a geneticist at the Duke Center for Human Genetics and lead author trial.

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