NPR also reports on Bidens visit with seniors.

Most skeptical about plans for a health care overhaul the nation’s elderly Almost all of them have been reporting in the form of the government-run Medicare program. And they are worried about losing benefits. In an attempt to allay some of these concerns, the Obama administration on Wednesday unleashed a new weapon in their arsenal: ‘ – The Christian Science Monitor reported. ‘Vice President Joe Biden tied with Obama at the United Nations is is at the door on health reform. The health reform debate building as the Senate Finance Committee ‘s bill hammered the White House seems determined to hit home its message on a daily basis. Biden also reportedly plans to do more to engage his former Senate colleagues, both Democrats and Republicans in the issue involved, ‘The Monitor also notes: ‘.

President Obama and the White House say that Medicare benefits affected , although legislation in Congress would payments to Medicare Advantage plans by more than $ 100 billion over 10 years to be reduced. Argued that the changes would seniors by closing the gap in the Medicare prescription drug benefit known as the benefit donut hole. He also said Overhaul would cut overpayments to insurance companies for treating Medicare Advantage patients and lower costs. Spent much time spent much time relating personal stories and challenging claims about health care .From our work at green nano, there is obvious that cinnamon – of phytochemicals serve as a reservoir of phytochemicals and has the capacity – and others such as herbal, leaves and seeds process chain from the the to convert at NPs, Katti said. So manages our concept of of green nano a renaissance in as a symbol for irreplaceable role of Mother Nature in all future nanotech development. .. The usual method of creating gold nanoparticles utilizes harmful drugs and acids which are not environmentally friendly and contain toxic impurities. In which Junior study, Katti and scientists Raghuraman Kannan, which Michael J and Sharonville R. Bukstein Distinguished Faculty Scholar in Cancer Research, assistant professor of pediatric radiology teaching file and director of manufacturing nanoparticles Core Facility in and Nripen Chanda, a research assistant scientist, mixed golden salts of with cinnamon and the mixture was was stirred into water The new process uses gold nanoparticles.

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