Obese children were found to have a higher rate of challenging mask ventilation.

Furthermore to Tait, authors had been Ian Lewis, MBBS, MRCP, FRCA; Terri Voepel-Lewis, MSN, RN; Constance Burke, BSN, RN; and Amy Kostrzewa, M.D., all of the U-M Division of Anesthesiology. The extensive research was funded by the U-M Section of Anesthesiology. Reference: Anesthesiology, March 2008, Vol. 108, Issue 3.. Childhood obesity potential clients to raised rate of complications during surgery Add this to the growing list of health challenges faced by obese children: A new study from the University of Michigan Health System finds that obese children are much more likely than normal-weight children to end up having airway obstruction and various other breathing-related functions during medical procedures.Dr. Chambers stated, Coronary arterial disease may be the most common type of heart disease in the United States, affecting a lot more than 16 million people. .

Asthma breakthrough: potential trigger and corrective treatment are identified By Kate Bass BSc A paper published yesterday in Technology Translational Medicine reviews that the primary cause of asthma has been found and a potential treatment to reverse all symptoms has been proposed. Image thanks to Shutterstock.com Asthma is constriction of the airways that allow air flow to enter and keep the lung area and affects 300 million people worldwide.

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