Of the 163 patients in the study 27 percent had stage I cervical cancer.

Of the 163 patients in the study 27 percent had stage I cervical cancer, 57 percent for stage II, 12 percent stage III and 3 percent in stage IV you received concomitant radiochemotherapy, followed by brachytherapy , which was in place by either magnetic resonance imaging in 88 percent of cases performed or computed tomography in 12 percent of cases.

USGI Medical, the Incisionless Surgery company, today announced that updated multi-center results confirm durability of the company’s Expandable Tissue Anchors to a year or more in a variety of incisionless gastrointestinal procedures, including use of a ROSE procedure for enhanced tissue repair after gastric bypass. These results, which show long-term, secure tissue with this with this scarless through the mouth approach in the largest cohort of patients ever reported, underscore the usefulness of the company Incisionless Operating Platform and these anchors for durably suturing device GI tissue.McAllister the principal author of study in online issue of the journal Neurology is released. His has club in the study of hostages Laura Flashman, Arthur Maerlender, Margaret Grove and Goals Tosteson, and John Turco, director of Dartmouth College HealthService, and researchers coming from other bodies.

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