Over a period of two months there were 95 hospitalizations.

The researchers from University College London and University College Hospital in London conducted a two-stage test of the effectiveness of the fFN test and assess the impact of its introduction. Over a period of two months there were 95 hospitalizations.

Fetal fibronectin is the protein that the fetal sac helps attach to the uterus. Previous studies have shown when fFN is found to be at a certain stage of pregnancy to leak, spontaneous preterm birth is likely. A diagnostic fFN test was developed, although it is generally not used in all maternity wards. Relatively inexpensive and easy to perform, the test is the same time as a vaginal examination, the routine is when a woman is admitted with abdominal pain in pregnancy done. A negative result means fetal fibronectin is minimally present and the chance of the woman is a threat of preterm delivery low..Asian-Americans had randomly better health indicators than other groups of in almost all areas, and – outcomes among Hispanics been in order to superior to that of the White. Maria Benjamin, one of said the study authors that the difference to be no fully explained by socioeconomic status. ‘You’ve done every has the same income cut. These are low-income folks,’said Benjamin. CSS President David Jones said: ‘It opens the window to the fact that something is wrong. ‘.

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