Particularly in hepatitis patients with difficult to treat forms of the disease detox from alcohol.

The ENDURE study is consistent with Schering-Plough’s research strategy to conduct and support clinical studies with weight-based PegIntron therapy, particularly in hepatitis patients with difficult to treat forms of the disease. – Although we over the last decade over the past decade in the effective treatment of chronic hepatitis C, one of the most common blood-borne infections in the world, improved treatment options are still needed, said Robert J. Spiegel, Chief Medical Officer and senior vice president of medical affairs, Schering-Plough Research Institute detox from alcohol . Schering-Plough is conducting studies with our existing hepatitis C products to explore new approaches to treatment, including maintenance therapy with our ongoing EPIC3 study in HCV patients and the new ENDURE study co-infected patients, while at the same time the development of new antiviral agents such as our experimental hepatitis C protease inhibitor. HIV coinfection This research underscores our long-term commitment to this therapeutic area and the hepatitis community. .

In 2004, Physician Participation in Medicare, Health Affairs focuses on hospitals Physician Acceptance of New Medicare Patients stabilized in 2004-2005, Center for Study Health System Change: The number of doctors who are willing to Medicare patients treat are stabilized in the year 2004-2005, according a new study by HSC , based on the group of the Community Tracking study Physician survey. According to the study, 72.9 percent of physicians reported in 2004, all new Medicare patients accepted, statistically unchanged 71 who in 2000-2001 in 2000-2001. The report notes that physician left treat willingness to Medicare patients stable, despite a 5.4 percent reduction in Medicare payment rates in 2002 .

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