Performed in previous clinical trials in Europe.

Performed in previous clinical trials in Europe, the 6 month patency rate was with anastomoses with the PAS – Port system completed by about 87 to 98 % compared to an average of 84 % in the literature for traditional hand-sewn anastomoses reported at the the same time point.

About Cardica,Cardica designs and manufactures automated anastomosis for coronary artery bypass grafting . By exchanging hand-sewn sutures with easy – to-use automated systems, Cardica provides cardiovascular surgeons with rapid, reliable and consistently reproducible anastomoses or connections of blood vessels, of important factors that important aspect of the CABG.Multi-center, Biologic Ustekinumab receives positive opinion from the European regulatory body for the treatment of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis using.

Centocor designed ustekinumab and has exclusive marketing rights to the product the United States. Janssen-Cilag companies have exclusive marketing rights by all countries outside the USA.

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