Pioneering work especially for prostate cancer surgery

, Dr. Douglasery extended benefits to bladder cancer patients at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornellrobotic surgery, pioneering work especially for prostate cancer surgery, quickly adapted for use in other areas, including for patients with bladder cancer. Urologic surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center have now vast experience – and have demonstrated considerable success – with robotics for removal of the bladder, known as cystectomy . The results will be. In a recent issue of the peer-reviewed publication that publishes the British Journal of Urology International.

The scientists developed a special process to coat Kevlar samples with acyclic N-halamine, a potent germ – fighting substance. Then exposed coated and uncoated swatches is E. Staphylococcus aureus, Candida tropicalis , MS2 virus, After to mimic anthrax) spores. After a short time, large amounts of microorganisms stuck to untreated fabric samples, but the coated fabrics showed little to no adhesion of pathogens, researchers say. The coating is durable, can be reactivated and causes no loss of fabric comfort or strength, they add. – Acyclic N-halamine Coated Kevlar materials: Preparation and Biocidal Functions Jie Luo and Yuyu Sun Ind. ASAP articles, 1021/ie800021p Click here.

Of Central Lancashire LPC uses the communication tool, perform is an interactive meetings with members of Lancashire LMC. Discussion group as a repetition of dosage, PBC and Integrated Care will Pilots. Liz Stafford, Vice-Chair of agents Lancs LPC, reports a very positive report: Owners from each group was of the session of the meeting after a general discussion of was then agreed that the LMC and LPC were to work more close collaboration in order to. To submit joint service bids and even joint LPC / LMC original chemists pharmacy White Paper on consultations. .

Ian Facer, , 38-42 Central Lancs LPC said: ‘The chemist White Paper on highlighted the importance of building relationships from Commune chemists and doctors – this workbook is is an ideal way make take initial steps. ‘ by Gareth Jones added: ‘The demand for this worksheet has been exceptionally high, and me understand that there plans for further LPCs with LMCS for workshop are based for its use meet I hope that many more such encouraging results. ‘.

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