Professor Alan Cowman.

Professor Alan Cowman, head of the Infection and Immunity Division, led the research with Dr Wai – Hong Tham, Danny Wilson, Mr. Sash Lopaticki, Mr Jason Corbin, Dr Dave Richard, James Beeson from the institute and staff at the University of Edinburgh.

For decades, is known This new research parasite proteins, to use as a means of input the so-called glycophorins of red blood cells. This new research shows an alternative way by the parasite uses red blood cells. Red blood cells. The path is not the binding of glycophorins instead require a parasite molecule named PfRh4 Receptor 1 Receptor 1 , a common protein on the surface of red blood cells complement. The parasite is like a master burglar – it will different methods different methods to get into the house, not just the door, Professor Cowman said. Although the human body has developed a variety of methods the parasite the parasite out, it keeps finding new ways to get in. .‘We should take a pan with money ready buy out people who lost their primary residence in these areas because they because they stuck, ‘Blackburn said. ‘Taking a buyout with public money should be simpler way she could to be than the reconstruction. Otherwise we will are contact only ourselves take till about this all over again. ‘.

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