Professor Charles Surh from Californias Scripps Study Institute and Dr.

Breakthrough in transplant medicine Australian scientists have produced a breakthrough in transplantation immunity by finding a means of stopping the disease fighting capability from rejecting transplanted organs. A team of researchers at the Garvan Institute of Medical Analysis in Sydney have discovered a means of manipulating the disease fighting capability that could in future take away the want for the duration of toxic immunosuppressive medications required after organ transplants are completed – the medications can raise the threat of infection and cancers but are presently essential in avoiding the body rejecting an organ transplant pilules ed en France .

Last month, Natural Information told readers the reality in regards to a much ballyhooed earlier study which, based on the inaccurate reporting by mainstream press, meant acquiring omega-3 fatty acid supplements was a waste materials of cash and did nothing at all to safeguard health discovered that overweight but healthful middle-aged and old adults who had taken a substantial quantity of omega-3 health supplements regularly for four weeks altered a ratio of their fatty acid intake in a manner that boosted preservation of small DNA segments within their white bloodstream cells.

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