Reports the news agency Reuters.

the new National Center for Advancing do Translational Sciences would be some of the dirty work that pharmaceutical companies do not or can not do by promising but uncertain basic to find scientific evidence from test tube and ways to use them to treat people e-mail said, reports the news agency Reuters. It would also probably often focus on rare diseases and diseases countries where countries where can not hope pharmaceutical companies make huge profits, according to to the news service (Fox.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, U.S. Steel Tower, 600 Grant St. Pittsburgh, Center To createNational Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins, the agency announced on Tuesday ahead of creating concentrated on plans for a new research center on translational science, according to the NIH in order to create Entity, in order to create the new ,, Science Science Insider blog reports (Kaiser.With revenue of USD 34 billion patient monitoring systems, in the year 2006 is a company that provides market leader in medical diagnostic image forming and patient monitoring systems, energy efficient lighting solutions , personal care and Appliances and consumer electronics.. About Royal Philips Electronics Electronics – Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands. Of has a world leader in the health, lifestyle and technology, providing products, services and solutions the brand promise of of sense and simplicity.

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