Restaurant owners are determined to work for something they are able to support.

Kaiser Family Foundation. Copyright 2009 Advisory Table Kaiser and Company Family Foundation. All rights reserved.. An unexpected ally for health reform: The restaurant industry While many small businesses are fighting to block passage of health care reform, restaurant owners are determined to work for something they are able to support, Politico reviews. It’s quite a departure for an organization that historically shifted in lock step with its business brethren, and it’s another illustration of the different calculations and strategies adopted this year by groups that opposed the Clinton administration’s attempts to move a healthcare bill in the ’90s.EHSI is usually negotiating to obtain a permit for a rotating-wall bioreactor originally developed by NASA having the ability to multiply adult stem cells. The business hopes that stem cells grown inside the bioreactor may be used to help regenerate damaged tissue into healthy, functional organs once again. EHSI invests in technology developed to contend in the stem-cell research market alongside Viacell , Allergan, Inc. , Amgen and Genzyme .. CINJ celebrates National Library Week The Cancers Institute of New Jersey joins communities, schools and other institutions across the nation in celebrating the contributions of their libraries and librarians during this year’s National Library Week .

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