Robert says a therapy known as PEP.

British man had to cheat to access to HIV treatment A British man is taking legal action over access to a HIV treatment . ‘Robert’ says a therapy known as PEP, post-publicity prophylaxis, isn’t widely available and has not been well publicised and he’s seeking a judicial overview of government policy. If the procedure is given immediately after exposure to HIV Apparently, it can dramatically cut the chances of infection. Although campaigners say it is not available widely, the Department of Wellness has rejected such statements and say information about PEP and recommendations have already been issued recommending the treatment was open to all in want.

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Investigators could actually determine that the bundle was mailed at a POSTOFFICE in Venice. On February 27 Also, Kroger Foods, the parent firm of Ralphs, received a letter at their Cincinnati headquarters. The letter was mailed with three $1 wisdom stamps as postage. On March 1, the Ralphs in Compton received a letter from the extortionist which letter also was mailed with three $1 wisdom stamps as postage. This letter demanded that $180,000 be placed into an account and that Ralphs distribute 9,000 debit cards that could be used to gain access to the accounts. The extortionist demanded that the debit cards end up being distributed at Ralphs stores in Santa Monica , NORTH PARK and San Ramon. Pursuant to the needs manufactured in the letter, Ralphs began distributing the 9,000 debit cards on the afternoon of March 26.

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