Sauces and soups to be to be a lot of salt and sugar

The study was published online in the European Journal of Public more than a quarter more than a quarter of the food ads were for ready meals, sauces and soups to be to be a lot of salt and sugar. Almost a quarter were advertised of foods categorized as fat or sugar including products such as ice cream, chocolate bars, sweets and full sugar soft drinks . Guidelines guidelines recommend these should be eaten only sparingly . More ads of this in magazines in magazines with a higher proportion of women readers or readers of a lower social class. In contrast, very few of the ads for fruit and vegetables and these were mainly in high-end magazines. Low-income familieshealth body and the government, all encourage us to eat a healthier diet, but we found out that many of the magazines, especially those for low-income families are full of ads promoting food quality, which widely is unhealthy, says Dr.

###The study included the 30 most-read, weekly magazines for sale in November 2007, Bella, Inside Soap, Kerrang, Love It, People ‘s Friend, Pick Me Up, Radio Times, Take a Break, that’s life! Total TV, TV choice, TV Easy, TV Quick, TV Times, What’s on TV, Mrs Own, Woman Weekly.

Research was led out of University of California, in San Francisco scholars. Is reported in the advanced online issue of the journal Nature, and are to be published to paper version of the journal by the end of July.

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