Selma Mohammed.

‘Weight and Metabolic Outcomes after 2 years on a low-carbohydrate versus low-fat diet – a Randomized Trial ‘O Holly R. Gary D. James. Angela P. Diane L. Rosenbaum, Carrie Brill, Richard I. Selma Mohammed, Bernard Miller, Daniel J. Babette Zemel, Thomas A. Wadden, Thomas Tenhave, Craig W. Newcomb, Samuel Klein, MD, Annals of Internal Medicine August 3, 2010 vol 153 no 3147-157.

Patients were randomized to diet better for cardiovascular health than Low Fat DietResearchers at the Center for Obesity Research and Education at Temple University, Philadelphia have that after two-year comparison, a low-carb diet rates about as well as a revealing low-fat diet in terms of weight loss, but low-carb cardiovascular risk factors improved more.The team analyzing 1,706 patient receiving in 2000-2001 the four general internal medicine services, UI Hospitals and Clinics. A service was reception only carried hospitalists and three other service by non – hospitalist doctor in internal medicine. They found that patients receiving supervised from the hospitalists on average, a one-day Collapse duration of stay had been and a 10 % reduction of the hospital costs.

Hospitalists, generally physicians in general inner medicine, how treating physicians for patients, hospital care are directed through its primary care and the emergency room. These patients be not get sick enough to make the need to treating to an ICU but strongly as a way need for care for diseases such as pneumonia, liver disease, cardiac insufficiency and diabetes complications.

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