So it may seem obvious that to a new study a new study.

So it may seem obvious that to a new study a new study, men who have erectile dysfunction drugs have two to three times the rates of sexually transmitted diseases. – Counseling about safe sexual practices and screening for STDs should accompany the prescription of ED drugs to the authors write.

May seem obvious, however, it makes sense to serious public health problem. HIV / AIDS was seen STD in the study, suggesting that an increasing number of older people are, the. Along incurable diseases.– Stackpole Kobayashi, an assistant professor in the medicine, Harvard Medical School Beth Israel – Deaconess Medical Center;.

The AACR team of Science Award will be, generously sponsored by a grant from Eli Lilly and Company is given in order changes within the traditional Research on Cancer affecting cultural through the recognition those individuals who and institutions which worth and support multidisciplinary team Sciences. The team is collectively received a $ 50,000 cash prize. To Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Thoracic Oncology research function are of its leading for its leadership role in encouraging scientific team.

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